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Centralbadet – a unique Art Nouveau Spa

The well-known architect Wilhelm Klemming, realised his dream of an open window to nature when he created Centralbadet, which opened in 1904. Located in central Stockholm in a serene garden just a few steps from busy Drottningatan, Centralbadet became one of Stockholm’s most relaxing places and an important attraction. 3,000 square meters full of beauty, tradition and relaxation. The art nouveau swimming pool, sun roof terrace, classic gym, massage- & skincare treatments, barbers, restaurant, bar and a relaxing roman bath- & sauna area, are just some of the facilities you can enjoy here.

A visit to Centralbadet is a beneficial experience for both body and soul.
Do not miss enjoying a 1000-year Nordic sauna tradition or try a true Swedish massage.

Opening hours:
Monday – Saturday: 08.00 – 19.30
Sunday: 08:00 – 17:30

Entrance prices:
In the entrance you get access to our art nouveau swimming pool, relaxing roman bath- & sauna area, classic gym, sun roof terrace with outdoor gym (may–sep), yoga studio and light therapy at the restaurant (okt–jun). Swim- and Gym wear available for rent.

Monday – Thursday: 250kr
Friday – Sunday: 350kr

Our Spa-packages

Includes a bath entrance (se above) and bathrobe, towels, slippers and swim cap

Monday – Thursday: 380kr
Friday – Sunday: 480kr

Includes a Relax (see above) and a refreshing meal in our restaurant Ecobaren.

Monday – Thursday: 500kr
Friday – Sunday: 600kr

Find us at:

Drottninggatan 88, Stockholm
(at the end of the park to the left)
Metro: Hötorget

For general inquiries
Tel: +46 (0)8 545 213 00

See map below

Skicka gärna ett mail så hör vi av oss!

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